Regional and Citywide
Leadership Team

Working with a regional or city-wide leadership team using the Collective Impact framework. Smith Ventures helps build consensus among stakeholders, communication, design, interview, launch and lead ongoing operations of a regional economy taken ownership and maximizing its human capital pipeline.

The Science of

Any student can learn to be an entrepreneur. New scientific research shows that the quality of one’s practice is just as important as the quantity. These scientists also believe that expert-level performance is primarily the result of expert-level practice and not due to innate talent. This concept is known as deliberate practice. Within the framework of deliberate practice, a real world, hands- on, constructionist approach is used to teach STREAM plus Entrepreneurship using a coherent curriculum of integrated solutions.

STREAM + Entrepreneurship

Urban and Rural Area elementary, middle and high school students will have the opportunity to pursue their creative ideas as entrepreneurs. The STREAM plus Entrepreneurship custom program will give each student an actual opportunity to bring their own ideas to life while developing their entrepreneurial skills and STREAM knowledge. Students will learn new product development and start-up leadership while receiving advice and feedback from industry veterans and university student mentors on their own ideas, intellectual property, and potential angle and/or venture funding.


What Industry Leaders are saying

President for Pfizer, one of the world’s premier innovative biopharmaceutical companies, said: “For years we have recognized that our ability to grow, develop and provide quality healthcare solutions across the globe, is not solely driven by technological innovation. The unique perspectives and experiences of our colleagues, brought through a mix of cultures, religious beliefs, gender and ethnicity, drive our innovation and growth. As a global company, Pfizer takes a broad view of diversity, expanding our focus to ‘inclusion,’ which is about embracing new ideas and encouraging others to make.


Benefit 1:

Control and

No matter the Industry, strategic plans, fiscal responsibility and innovation are high stress points across industry sectors. Once goals and direction are set, the C-Suite leadership quickly poses specific workforce questions to Human Resources Leadership:“Do we have the right people to make the revenue goal, the technology work, or the culture shift?”

“Where do we find the right people for our current and future needs?”

Benefit 2:

Positive Impact In
Key Profit Areas

Revenue Increase revenue by engaging and recruiting top high school talent to innovate, develop products/ services, sell, install or service one’s industry focus.

Operating Expensescosts associated with recruiting, on-boarding, training and retaining top talent. Companies that focus on authentic lasting relationships with high value high school will increase a vetted pool of engaged applicants.

Research and DevelopmentEngaging a creative and talented group of local high school talent (minimal cost compare to FTEs) to generate new ideas, research, iterate, innovate, and solve your company’s specific changes is the most lasting way to introduce young people to your industry and company.

Big Net Low cost and high impact method to mine all students in your state. Leaving few to no rocks unturned.

Reallocation of Your Current SpendingCalculate the dollars your company currently spends on marketing, hiring bonuses, retention bonuses, and charitable giving and reallocate a percentage toward workforce development through this program.

Brain-drainNebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education 2018 Progress Report says the “out- migration of Nebraskans with at least a bachelor’s degree continues to be a serious issue.”